The #EFIC2022 Refresher courses are complimentary, containing something for everyone interested in the field of pain, for registered participants. Each course covers important fundamentals of pain science ranging from molecular and systems biology to clinical sciences and psychology. The lectures not only provide state of the art material, they are also designed to provide a true refreshing of understanding for the non-expert in the field under review.

The format of the course is designed to be informal enough to allow time for questions and answers. This to ensure maximum benefit from your interaction with lecturers selected not only for their status in the field but also for their proven record of teaching and audience interaction. So seize this chance to learn from –and engage in discussions with – true specialists in their fields of expertise!




For the Refresher Courses at #EFIC2022, EFIC will be following the “flipped classroom” concept: Prep and pre-reading materials are provided in advance for delegates to study on our virtual platform: The onsite refresher courses are designed to be interactive, building on the prep material.