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Pain in Europe XII

12th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC ™

Targeting Pain and its Comorbidities in the Digital Age

27 – 30 April 2022, Dublin, Ireland

Pain in Europe XII is going to bring together the most recognized experts in the field of pain medicine to exchange knowledge, ideas and the latest advances in the field.

Why attend #EFIC2022?
  • #EFIC2022 is the largest scientific congress on pain in 2022
  • #EFIC2022 shines a spotlight on current trends and future developments in pain medicine
  • #EFIC2022 accommodates over 3500 international physicians and scientists
  • #EFIC2022 enables you to share cutting edge research and network with distinguished experts in the field
  • #EFIC2022 is the place for you to renew your knowledge and clinical management skills through refresher sessions
  • #EFIC2022 prepares you for the European Diplomas in Pain Medicine and Pain Physiotherapy
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