#EFIC2022 Workshop Submission

Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, the Congress will be held as a hybrid meeting, offering delegates both onsite face-to-face sessions and online sessions allowing everyone to join from wherever they are. The workshops will still take place even if the Congress becomes fully virtual.


The call for late-breaking workshops has now been closed.
  • Three main categories: B (basic research), T (translational), C (clinical).
  • Workshops will be grouped by sub-categories.
  • Please click here to view the topics under which proposals should be submitted.
  • Although the Scientific Programme Committee will take all proposals into consideration, it may decide to suggest modifications to individual proposals and may include unsolicited workshops in the final workshop programme.
  • We recommend using interactive formats to engage with the audience. We will provide logistical and technical support.
  • We strongly recommend sessions that include multidisciplinary aspects.
  • The number of faculty members is limited to three (3) only.
  • The proposer will chair and coordinate the session.
  • The proposer is expected to be one of the speakers.
  • The proposer of a workshop must ensure that their suggested speakers have been made aware of the workshop proposal and that they agree to the workshop suggestion before the proposal is submitted. If this is not the case, the proposal may be rejected during the review process. All suggested speakers will be emailed to confirm they have let their names go forward and understand the levels of support available.
  • Proposals must be submitted via the website only.
  • Proposals must be received by the announced deadline. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • All speakers must consent to their session being available for live web streaming.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Session title up to 25 words
  • Presentation titles
  • Workshop description up to 200 words
  • Objectives up to 50 words
  • Session format up to 50 words
  • Main category: B (basic research), T (translational), C (clinical)
  • Speakers information, including:
    • Name
    • Academic degrees and practice
    • Contact information (affiliation, email, telephone)
    • Number of years since PhD (< or ≥ 5 years)
Session Outline

Session outline

  • Session is chaired and introduced by one of the three presenters
  • Three (3) speakers present their topic for twenty (20) minutes (3×20 minutes)
  • Five (5) minute Q&A after each presentation (3×5 minutes)
  • A general discussion, chaired by one of the presenters (15 minutes)
  • Two (2) speakers cannot be from the same institution
  • All speakers cannot be from the same country
  • We strongly recommend inclusion of both genders
  • Young researchers (postdocs with no more than 5 years from PhD completion) and senior scientists are encouraged to participate. However, all speakers should be experienced in presenting their research to a broad multidisciplinary audience
Financial Support

Financial support can only be given to three (3) faculty members and cannot be increased to cover additional participants in the workshop.

  • Euro 900 towards travel will be divided amongst all participants in a workshop.
  • Six (6) nights’ hotel accommodation will be divided amongst all participants in a workshop.
  • Three (3) complementary registrations will be given to the workshop participants.