#EFIC2022 Congress Topics

Pain Syndromes

As pain and comorbidities & digitalised services are in the focus of the #EFIC2022 Congress, we encourage submissions on these themes. Other topics are naturally also welcome.

Acute pain
Cancer pain
Case studies
Central neuropathic pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
COVID-19 associated pain
Ischaemic pain
Low back pain and lumboradicular pain
Nociplastic pain
Orofacial pain
Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Pain in children
Pain in general
Pain in the elderly
Pain in the neck and cervicoradicular pain
Pain in vulnerable groups
Peripheral neuropathic pain
Phantom limb pain
Visceral pain
Widespread pain
Other, please specify

Basics in Pain

Definition and classification
Education of pain care
Ethics and legal issues
Organisation of clinical pain care
Organisation of research in pain
Societal impact
Somatosensory system

Diagnosis & Measurement in Pain

Clinical diagnostics for the assessment of pain
Instruments for the assessment of pain
Measurement of psychosocial aspects of pain
Structural and functional imaging in pain

Pain Therapies

Complementary medicine
Digitization in pain management
Interventional blockade therapies
Multidisciplinary programs
Neuromodulative therapies
Palliative care
Pharmacological therapies
Physical/occupational therapies
Psychological therapies
Rehabilitation therapies
Surgical therapies