Eija Kalso

Eija Kalso

Eija Kalso, MD, DMedSci, graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Helsinki where she also defended her doctoral thesis. She is a specialist in anaesthesiology and has a special competence in pain medicine. She continues to work at the Helsinki University Hospital with a main affiliation at the University of Helsinki, Dept. of Pharmacology and SleepWell research programme. She has been full professor in Pain Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine since 2004. She served as vice dean for the faculty in 2010-2013. She was elected to the Finnish Academy of Sciences in 2010 and to the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters in 2017. 

Eija Kalso has spent two most fruitful prostdoctoral years at the University of Oxford and worked first as a clinical lecturer and later as visiting professor at the Karolinska Institute.  

Eija Kalso is the founding president of The Finnish Association for the Study of Pain and president of the Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain. She has served in several committees and in the Council and executive committees of IASP, the president of which she was in 2010-2012. 

Eija Kalso has also served in the editorial boards of the European Journal of Pain, PAIN, and Scandinavian Journal of Pain. 

The main research interest of Eija Kalso include both basic and clinical pharmacology of pain, multidisciplinary pain medicine, genetics of pain and recently also the role of sleep in pain.