The European Pain Federation EFIC has limited funding to provide aid to applicants from low resource and currency-restricted countries. The financial aid coverage varies and may include accommodation, possible help in costs towards travel, and daily expenses.

As the European Pain Federation EFIC aims to encourage communication and collaboration at European level, applicants from European countries will be prioritized. However, applications from outside of Europe will also be considered. Candidates presenting a poster will be highly ranked. Those from developing countries will be also be given preference, however, all applications will be considered on their individual merit and reasons given. You will require support from your head of department.

Please note that you ​will need to attach the following to your application:

  • A clear copy of your ID, Passport, or Driver’s License indicating your date of birth
  • ​A letter signed by the head of department on the department’s letterhead confirming your status

The deadline for financial aid application is Tuesday, 4 January 2022.
For the details related to the final aid, please read this page.
To apply for financial aid, please complete the online application form found below.