The abstract submission process has officially started and you only have until 26 October 2021 to submit your proposal! But why should you submit an abstract at all? Good question. We put together a list of five reasons why you definitely should not miss this opportunity.

Make a difference

By sharing your work, you increase the knowledge of professionals in the fields of pain research and pain medicine attending the conference, thus making a difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals in the field of pain medicine. Peer discussion of research is essential to making the breakthroughs that will transform patient care.

Advance your career

Become better-known in your field by increasing your exposure to the wider pain community. Submitting an abstract and holding a talk has many advantages for your scientific career: You get to improve your presentation skills and showcase your hard work with your peers. Furthermore, you have the chance to advance your career by receiving useful feedback from specialists and senior researchers.

Expand your network, from local to global

The EFIC Congress brings together global experts, leading to potential cross-border collaboration. Take the next step from local research towards international collaboration. At #EFIC2022, you will be able to present your research to your peers.This is a great opportunity to hear what other people are working on, identify potential collaborators, and keep up-to-date.

Try the latest in hybrid meeting presentation

#EFIC2022 will be a hybrid meeting, meaning that participation will be possible both physically and virtually. Abstract presenters, even those who participate physically, will be requested to participate in our virtual abstract presentation system, using the latest technology to network with peers around the world. This will become increasingly common in scientific meetings and will become a new key skill for researchers.

Make yourself eligible for an award

You could be eligible for one of our Abstract Awards by presenting an outstanding abstract at #EFIC2022. Winners will receive a cash prize and free registration and costs at the following EFIC congress. This is also a great addition to your resumé, helping you stand out among other potential job candidates. There will be 2 main categories: basic/translational research and clinical research.

Are you ready? Then let’s go! We cannot wait to find out more about your work and research.