The deadline for submitting your abstract is getting closer and closer: You only have until February 28, 2019 to submit your abstract to #EFIC2019! But why should you submit an abstract at all? Good question. We put together a list of five reasons why you definitely should not miss this opportunity.

  1. Make a difference.

By sharing your work, you increase the knowledge of professionals in the fields of pain research and pain medicine attending the conference, thus making a difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals in the field of pain medicine. This way, you can also have your say on the Congress program, guided by the theme: “Bringing the Future to the Present”.

  1. Advance your career.

Become well-known in the field by increasing exposure for your latest findings. Submitting an abstract and holding a talk has many advantages for your scientific career: You get to improve your presentation skills and showcase your hard work at an amazing conference with your peers. Furthermore, you have the chance to advance your career by receiving useful feedback from specialists and researchers.

  1. Take it from local to global.

Take the next step from local research towards international collaboration. At #EFIC2019, there will be guided poster walks during main poster sessions where chairs will lead a group of interested people around pre-selected posters, giving presenters a few minutes to present and answer questions. This is a great opportunity to hear what other people are working on, identify potential collaborators, and keep up-to-date.

  1. Expand your international network.

By discussing your findings with other leading experts from around the world you get to expand your international network. This is your chance to disseminate your research ideas and advertise yourself. Discussions following a talk can lead to future collaborations, and giving the right talk at the right time can lead to many exciting opportunities.

  1. Be awarded.

Become one of the recipients of the Best Abstract Award awarded with the generous co-financing of Versus Arthritis for presenting an outstanding abstract. Winners will receive a cash prize and free registration and costs at the following EFIC congress. This is also a great addition to your resume helping you stand out among other potential job candidates.

Are you ready? Then let’s go! We cannot wait to find out more about your work and research.

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