#EFIC2019: Bringing the Future to the Present with Our Scientific Programme

When planning a pain management congress the size of ours, many different factors have to be taken into account. These include, but are not limited to the location, the venue, the range of key note multidisciplinary speakers. At the heart of our congress is of course scientific programme.

Here is where we compile a list of workshops, lectures and refresher courses to provide congress participants with a comprehensive and diverse programme that disseminates the most up to date pain science and evidence-based chronic pain management to the multidisciplinary audience. With the creation of the European Pain Federation Diploma in Pain Medicine (EDPM) and the European Pain Federation Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy (EDPP) we have taken the first steps to improve the standard of pain assessment and treatment through the provision of a qualification for all medical and allied health professionals that tests their broad understanding of all types of chronic pain management and their treatment.

To support these healthcare professionals wishing to prepare to take the EDPM and EDPP we plan to ensure that key topics are included in the #EFIC2019 scientific programme of our pain congress.

The EDPM is open to all qualified doctors who see and treat pain. Residents and fellows working in multidisciplinary pain centres or multidisciplinary pain clinics are ideal candidates, though the qualification is open to all doctors, specialists or general practitioners, with an interest in pain and its management.

The EDPP is open to all qualified physiotherapists who see and treat people with pain. Demonstrable possession of a Physiotherapy Degree or Diploma is required, as well as evidence of registration with your national authority or professional body to certify your status as a physiotherapist.

For further details please contact secretary@efic.org. All information will be available on our website soon!

Brona Fullen
Honorary Secretary / President Elect
European Pain Federation EFIC

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